Red-Fronted Lemur Botanical Fusion Quilt Blanket

  • High-Quality Polyester Fabric
  • Enchanting Patterns Inspired by Lemur
  • Offered in Various Size Options
  • Robust Build with Precision Stitching
  • Conveniently Machine-Washable for Simple Maintenance


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Introducing the Zakyz Red-Fronted Lemur Botanical Fusion Quilt Blanket – where comfort embraces the wild! Crafted from ultra-soft materials, including luxurious polyester, this blanket offers a snuggly sensation you’ll adore. What’s more, it showcases captivating animal patterns that will infuse your space with a fantastic jungle ambiance. Whether you have a twin bed or a king-size one, we have the perfect size just for you. And here’s the exciting part: This Lemur quilt is expertly constructed with durable stitching, ensuring it can withstand all your adventures, even machine washing. For those with allergies, fret not, as we offer a hypoallergenic option. Prepare to slumber in style with Zakyz!


Material: Crafted with a blend of premium materials, including soft polyester, our quilt blankets offer unmatched softness, warmth, and durability.

Quilting Pattern: Unique quilting patterns give each blanket a one-of-a-kind design and a delightful texture.

Fill Material: Between the top and bottom layers, our quilt blankets feature a layer of synthetic fiber filling, providing exceptional warmth and insulation.

Size: Available in various sizes, from twin and full to queen, king, lap, throw, and oversized options, ensuring the perfect fit for your bed and preferences.

Durability: Constructed with precision stitching and high-quality materials, our quilts are built to last, enduring regular use and washing with ease.

Easy Care: Machine-washable, our quilt blankets make maintenance a breeze, so you can enjoy them without hassle.

Hypoallergenic Options: We offer hypoallergenic quilt blankets, ideal for allergy-sensitive individuals, providing resistance against allergens like dust mites.

Polished Edges: Our quilt blankets are elegantly finished with decorative binding and piping along the edges, ensuring a polished appearance and shape retention.

Temperature Regulation: Designed for year-round comfort, our quilt blankets regulate temperature, catering to both warm and cold sleepers. They even feature moisture-wicking properties to keep you cozy.

Customization: Create a quilt blanket that’s uniquely yours with our custom-made options, allowing you to choose the size and design that suits your style and needs.

Discover the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and customization with Zakyz Lemur Print Quilt Blankets, making your home a cozy haven.

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      Red-Fronted Lemur Botanical Fusion Quilt Blanket
      Red-Fronted Lemur Botanical Fusion Quilt Blanket
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